History of Grand Marshals


1947 Koko the Clown
1948 Elephants and Donkeys from Brookfield Zoo
1949 We cannot remember! Can you?


1950 We cannot remember! Can you?
1951 Red Grange- Marlin Perkins
1952 Gabby Hayes- Screen Cowboy
1953 Debbie Reynolds- Star of screen and stage
1954 Bob Atcher-Television Cowboy
1955 Pat Brady and Bullet- Sidekick on “The Roy
Rodgers Show”
1956 Chico Marx- Comedian and one-time La Grange resident
1957 Micky Braddock- “Corky” star of “Circus Boy”
television program, later became the drummer of the
1958 Dick Simmons- Star of “Sgt. Preston of the Yukon”
1959 Duncan Renaldo- “Cisco Kid” of television and movies


1960 Nick Adams- “Johnny Yuma” of the television show
“The Rebel”
1961 Kevin Corcoran– Child actor in Walt Disney’s “old
Yeller” and “Swiss Family Robinson
1962 Jay North– “Dennis the Menace”
1963 Max Baer, Jr.- “Jethro Clampett” of “The Beverly
1964 Johnny Crawford– son of “the Rifleman”
Luci Baines Johnson– Daughter of the U. S.
1965 David Mc Callum- “Ilya Kuryakin” of the “Man from
1966 Guy Williams- “Professor John Robinson” of “Lost in
Name and Fame
1967 Lee Majors- “Heath Barkley of “Big Valley,” future “Six Million Dollar Man”
1968 Frank Sutton- “Sgt. Carter” of “Gomer Pyle, USMC”
1969 David Canary- “Candy” of “Bonanza”


1970 Deanna Lund and Don Matheson– of ABC’s “Land of the Giants”
1971 Susan Dey and Danny Bonaduce of “The Partridge
1972 Ann Henning– Olympic Gold medalist in speed
1973 Stan Mikita– Blackhawk Star
1974 Frazier Thomas– Host of “Garfield Goose” and “Family Classics” on WGN
1975 Ronald Mc Donald
1976 Frazier Thomas– Host of “Garfield Goose” and “Family
1977 Howard Heinen– Recently retired La Grange Chief of Police
1978 Robert Kraft– Recently retired La Grange Fire Chief
1979 Joel Daly- La Grange resident and TV new anchor


1980 Ray Meyer– De Paul Basketball coach
1981 Arthur Jens– Former Western Springs village
1982 Gary Fencik– Bears defensive back
1983 Rich Port– Local realtor and benefactor of the YMCA
1984 Bo-Bo the Clown
1985 John Coleman– TV Weatherman
1986 Cheryl Rhoads– Western Springs native and successful actor
1987 Lee Burkey III– La Grange resident and 25-year
veteran of village government
1988 Ruth Vial Martin– Celebrating the 100th anniversary of LTHS
1989 John Hausmann– Former La Grange Village
President and Ted Woerner– Former Western Springs Village President


1990 Charles Vickery– Local Artist
1991 Col. Carol Anne O’Donnell– Western Springs resident
1992 Lauren Gaffney– “Anne” from Drury Lane production
Herve Presnell– “Daddy Warbucks” from Drury Lane production
1993 Bob Huson– Retired La Grange Park President
1994 Ron Nikcevich & 1993 LTHS Basketball team that
finished 3rd in State
1995 Emil Fara-US Army Veteran, of La Grange Park
Rufus La Rue– US Navy veteran, of Countryside Clement Dombro– USMC veteran, of La Grange
Richard Sonderlund– US Army Air Force veteran, of La Grange
Roy Laurence– US Coast Guard, of Indian Head Park
1996 Chris Zorich– Bears lineman
Lester Holt– Channel 2 newscaster
1997 Spike O’Dell & Dean Richards– WGN radio personalities
1998 Bobby Hull– Blackhawk legend
1999 Gene Pingatore– St. Joseph’s High School basketball coach


2000 Kevin Murphy– LT science teacher, Illinois Teacher of the Year for 1999-2000
2002 Clifford the Big Red Dog
2003 Dutchie Caray– Widow of Harry Carey
2004 Representatives commemorating from:Village of La Grange, 125th anniversary, La Grange Library, 100th anniversary, Park District of La Grange, 75th anniversary, La Grange Garden Club, 80th anniversary
2005 Cpl. Eric “Shaw” Pitman– U.S. marine Iraq War veteranand La Grange residentLance Cpl;. Eddie Delagado of Chicago, Iraq War veteran
2006 Bobby Jenks– White Sox pitcher
2007 Sergeant Marge Kielczynski– La Grange PoliceDepartment
2008 Great Women of La Grange– Mildred Breen, Minnie Carr, Lorraine Burkey, Ann Painter, Helen Brown and Helen Olson
2009 La Grange Business Association


2010 Local Area Champions on Parade
2011 Johnny Knox, Chicago Bears
2012 Rob Johnson, Channel 2 Anchor
2013 Honor Flight VeteransJunior Grand Marshall Molly McElligott
2014 125 Anniversary of LTHS, Mia Martinez-CBS, Brody Roybal-2014 Paralympics Gold Medalist, Calla Montants-Jr. Grand Marshal
2015 Grand Marshal– Nazareth Academy Varsity Football Team, Honorary Grand Marshall-Paul Nelson, Jr. Grand Marshal-Malia Fink, Pet Grand Marshal-Bonnie Joy the Dog, Honorary Grand Marshal-Drew Walker, US 99.5, Honorary Grand Marshal-Wendy Snyder, WGN Radio
2016 Honorary Grand Marshall – Community Nurse Health Care Celebrating 95 Years, Jr. Grand Marshal – Annie Price of La Grange